How-Not-To Road Rage

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A few of our readers recently asked if we could do a how-not-to guide about road rage. One reader said that their car accident attorney in Orange County was talking about how many accidents are caused by road rage. If you live in Orange County, road rage is a real problem. Traffic in that area of California is known around the world for being horrendous.

Because road rage can definitely lead to criminal charges, accidents, injuries, and even death, let’s get into how-not-to road rage.

Steps on How-Not-To Road Rage

The first step to preventing road rage is to not let other people’s actions bother you. Easier said than done, right? Most people road rage because they are unable to control their emotions. If you want to learn how to control your emotions in stressful situations, start small. Ask yourself, “What do I stand to gain by road raging?”

The answer might surprise you. Many people who rage on the road think they are going to “win” or that their road rage will teach the “bad drivers” a lesson. Are you really teaching them anything, though? 

In fact, you stand to gain nothing. Cutting someone off isn’t going to teach that driver anything. You aren’t winning by aggressively speeding past someone, because they will just pass you later when you get stopped at a red light. You need to be realistic about what will actually be accomplished through your road rage. 

When you realize that nothing will be accomplished, you will realize that your emotions are better spent elsewhere.

Road rage only hurts you. You don’t want to be hurt, do you? The next step is to realize that you are the one who suffers when you engage in road rage. You could hurt yourself or your passengers in an accident caused by road rage. You are actually stressing yourself out, which is bad for your health.

So if road rage doesn’t help you, why do it? If road rage hurts you, is it worth it? Do you really feel better after flipping the bird to that driver? Do you really feel better after weaving in and out of traffic? Probably not. 

Come Back Soon for More of Our How-Not-To Guides

Being aware of your emotions and how they affect your life and the lives of others is an important life skill to possess. You can live a better life by mastering your emotions and using them when they can help you and controlling them when they can’t. Avoid Infringement will be back soon with another how-not-to guide.