How-Not-To Hurt Your DWI Case

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People are charged with DWIs every day. Though, not every person is guilty of the DWI of which they’re being accused. Some people may have been drinking, but weren’t impaired when they were driving. Others may have appeared impaired, but were not drinking at all. 

If you’re being charged with a DWI, you’re probably terrified. It’s tempting to sign a plea agreement just so you can put this situation in the past, but that’s not always advisable. Once a DWI is on your record, you will have to live with it for the rest of your life. It can affect you in many negative ways. 

While being charged with a DWI is a frightening situation to be in, try to remain calm. A Fort Worth DWI lawyer shared with Avoid Infringement that your behavior at this time could make or break the DWI case against you.

Tips on How-Not-To Hurt Your DWI Case

Here are a few tips to help you avoid infringement. More specifically, here are some tips to keep you from making the DWI case against you stronger.

Tip #1 – Close Your Lips

You have the right to remain silent. Always remember that. You don’t have to answer the police officer’s questions without a lawyer present. Remaining silent can actually help your case, because it keeps you from saying something that can further incriminate you. 

Many people harm their cases greatly simply by answering the police officer’s questions. Your statements can be used as evidence against you.

Tip #2 – Ask for a Lawyer

You might want to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer can immediately begin advising you, which can help your case. The earlier you have an attorney’s guidance, the less likely you are to harm your case. 

Tip #3 – Don’t Be Difficult

When dealing with the police or anyone who works for the criminal court system, be polite and respectful. You don’t have to like these people, but you don’t want to piss them off, either. Remember, these people have your life in their hands. You don’t want to make your situation worse by angering someone who is working on your case. Don’t make it personal—this won’t help you.

Tip #4 – Document Everything

You never know how documentation could help your case. Keep track of everything. Write down when and where you were pulled over and what time. Were you advised of your rights before an arrest? How did the police treat you? What were the conditions inside the jail? Keep track of anything you think pertains to your case. It might help your lawyer or your case later.

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It’s bad enough that you’re being charged with a DWI. You don’t want to hurt your DWI case and decrease your chances of avoiding a conviction. These tips could make your situation better. There is no guarantee that you won’t still be convicted of a DWI if you follow these tips, as there may already be a lot of evidence against you. However, there’s little doubt that a person can make their situation worse.

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