How-Not-To Harm Your Criminal Defense Case

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A Chicago criminal defense lawyer gave Avoid Infringement a bit of advice: don’t harm your own criminal defense case. At first, we were confused. How can you hurt your case? It’s not like you’re trying to get convicted. Well, we now know how you can harm your criminal defense case, actually making it easier for the prosecution to score a conviction. 

We thought we’d share a few tips below on how-not-to harm your defense case.

Defense Case: How-Not-To Damage It

If you’re confused by the terminology of harming your case, let us explain. You can potentially do things to damage your case or make it more difficult for your lawyer to defend you. 

When you hire a criminal defense lawyer, they build a defense case to keep a conviction off your record. You can hurt the case your lawyer is building if you say certain things or engage in certain behaviors.

Read on for a few tips on how-not-to harm your defense team’s case:

Don’t Talk to the Cops Without a Lawyer

Remember, you have the right to remain silent. This is an important right because it could potentially protect you from having your own words used against you. 

How silly will you feel when you’re convicted of a crime based on your own statements? It’s like tattling on yourself, only with far greater ramifications. If you don’t want to hurt your case, don’t talk to the cops without talking to a lawyer first or having a lawyer present.

Don’t Be an Ass

Yes, your behavior and actions are taken into consideration in court and throughout your case. If you treat the police disrespectfully or give them a hard time, they will take note of your noncompliant behavior. This can reflect poorly on you and could lead to the prosecution or the judge drawing a hard line against you.

After that, no matter what you do, they won’t look at you the same. This could harm your case greatly.

Don’t Agree to a Plea Bargain Without Talking to a Lawyer First

Defendants sometimes sign the first plea agreement that comes their way, often without consulting with a criminal defense attorney first. This will obviously harm your case and your future. Even if you manage to back out of a plea agreement that hasn’t yet been finalized in court, this will reflect badly upon you.

The How-Not-To Guides: Tips on Keeping Your Criminal Record Shiny

You could do irrevocable harm to your own defense if you aren’t careful. Hopefully these tips will help you with whatever criminal charge you’re facing.

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