How-Not-To Get in a Car Accident

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We here at Avoid Infringement are fairly certain that most people don’t want to be in a car accident. In fact, if you asked a car accident attorney, such as this Queens car accident lawyer, what their clients have to say about the auto wreck experience and aftermath, they would probably tell you that their clients don’t much care to go on that particular ride again.

While you can’t avoid every vehicle collision every time, you can lower your chances of being involved in an accident if you use common sense. You can also avoid being sued for causing a vehicle wreck. Here is a how-not-to guide for avoiding being in a car wreck.

Tips for How-Not-To Get in a Car Crash

First Tip: Don’t Be Dumb

Many accidents are caused by really dumb behaviors that the drivers knew weren’t safe. For instance, every five-year-old knows that you shouldn’t text while driving, shouldn’t get behind the wheel drunk, and that you should follow traffic signs and signals. Speeding equals bad, and you should always wear your seat belt. If you want to avoid being in an accident, don’t be dumb.

Second Tip: Get Your Car Serviced

It’s easy to skip regular vehicle maintenance, because it’s expensive, and it’s so much more fun to go buy that $100 pair of shoes. However, regular vehicle maintenance is important if you’re interested in being safe. Get those tires checked, change the oil, and have someone take a glance at that engine. Better to be safe than smashed.

Third Tip: Check Recall Information

Did you know that vehicle recalls go out all the time? Recalls aren’t just a suggestion. Sometimes, manufacturers learn of something unsafe with a vehicle, and they are trying to let you know about it. You can get your vehicle fixed at no cost to you when there is a recall. Just take it to the nearest dealer. Don’t let those faulty airbags remain in your vehicle—you might regret it.

Fourth Tip: Don’t Drive when It’s Unsafe, No Matter How Much of a Hurry You’re In

If the rain is really coming down or the fog is impenetrable, don’t drive in that kind of weather. Wait it out. If there are flash flood warnings or you hear about a migration of killer butterflies, park the car and don’t drive. You can avoid an accident if you use your good judgment.

The How-Not-To Guides: Tips for Avoiding Infringement

Forget how-to guides—they’re so passé. Avoid Infringement cares about keeping you out of legal trouble, so that you don’t have to deal with the negative consequences that come with it. We hope this guide on how-not-to get in a car wreck was helpful. Visit us again next week for our next How-Not-To guide.

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