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Today’s how-not-to guide came to us after Avoid Infringement was talking with a friend who was expressing her frustration with speeding tickets, photo cameras, and other types of speed traps. This person was on their way to a PA surrogacy center when they were caught by a photo radar camera going about 11 MPH over the speed limit. She was frustrated because she was going the same speed as other drivers on the road, and she argued that it would be unsafe for her to drive less than the speed of traffic. She also asked us whether we think that photo radar cameras and similar devices were just “revenue generators.” We think they are, yes. The thing is, there are ways to avoid speeding tickets, speed cameras, and other types of traffic tickets. Here are a few tips on how-not-to get a speeding ticket.

Tips on How-Not-To Get a Speeding Ticket

Tip 1 – Know Where the Speed Cameras Are

A lot of people spend most of their time in their own communities, driving on the same roads almost every day. You should take the time to look online for where the speeding cameras and red-light cameras are located.

Most cities have a map for where the cameras have been placed. Other good Samaritans, like Avoid Infringement, post this information online just to help you! Once you memorize the cameras locations, you will be less likely to get a speeding ticket from a photo camera.

Tip 2 – Be Kind to the Cops

You will hear a lot of stories about people being pulled over by “jerk cops” and then receiving a ticket. You might want to ask yourself, “Was the cop being a jerk, or was I?”

If you are pulled over and you know you were speeding, now’s the time to turn on the charm. Be kind to the police office and they just might be kind to you. The police don’t have to let you off with a warning, but they are much more likely to do so if you’ve behaved yourself, like the lady or gentleman you are.

Tip 3 – Don’t Drive Distracted

This third tip is helpful for several reasons. The first is that it can help you from getting into an accident.

Second, when you drive distracted, you run the risk of speeding without even realizing it. You might look down at your speedometer and realize you’re driving way over the speed limit, and just when you’re about to pump the brakes, the Po-Po is right behind you, lights flashing. Don’t drive distracted and you’re more likely to notice the speed limit and what speed you’re driving.

Want to Avoid Infringement?

Hope you enjoyed these tips on how-not-to get a speeding ticket. Tune in next week for our latest how-not-to guide.